Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's the basic idea behind SecurityPitfalls.org?

The basic principle of Security Pitfalls.org is easy - most of you might have passed high security places where doors have been left open or might have noticed a small sheet of paper with the password written down, right near the computer. These situations are security pitfalls - where security is too high so that people just ignore it or where no one ever cared about security in risky areas.

SecurityPitfalls.org is a community project where we work together and collect such situations in forms of photos, stories or movies. Just send it to incoming {at} securitypitfalls.org and we will post your experiences you want to share with other people.

Whats the goal of this project?
First, it's increasing awareness at home and in companies in all security relevant areas ranging from IT-aspects to physical security. Second, we create a common repository for stories to tell, which can be particularly usefull in discussions with unaware clients and friends. Third, it's just pretty much fun. :)

So, let's share our experiences. When you are passing a door to an 'interesting place', just secured with lisle or when you are entering a building where everyone has to wear IDs but you just passed without passport - take a photo with your camera or mobile phone, send it to us with some background information and share it to the world!

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