Friday, June 12, 2009

Public display panels in the subway

I guess, all the people in Vienna might know the green VOR-panels in the subway stations.

I'm wondering, why nobody ever had used it for their own purposes of publishing information. Most of the panels have bad or no security at all.

First of all, the locks that are used offer no real security. Second, no matter how (un)secure the locks are, the implementation is - let's say - not the best. Here are pictures of two panels.

Both are locked, but in the first picture you will notice that it was locked BEFORE the panel was closed.

In the second picture the bolt from the lock is loose so that the panel can't be locked at all.

Don't abuse this information but have a look at it, when you cross the Vienna underground station the next time. Perhaps, someone from VOR will notice this and will fix this issue.

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