Monday, July 19, 2010

By-passing Security Gates

In Hagenberg, Upper Austria, there is a security gate that should prevent external people from entering the student village's premises. This picture is taken from Google Maps and shows how easily this security measure can be circumvented.

Actually, there are parking lots near the gate and right near the entrance of the first building there is enough space for a car to bypass the security gate.

I guess, even one little, heavy plant placed on the by-pass road would prevent the people from using this route. Most of the time, people could close security loopholes by spending none or little money. They just need a little help to find their vulnerabilities.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Need any help in finding the key?

This pictures was posted on Hirngulasch's Soup and was discovered and reported by N0rb. It shows a message left by one of the children which says "Mum, the key is on the balcony!!!!".

Unfortunately, we could not find the owner of the picture and therefore we cannot be sue if this is a true story. Nevertheless, it points out an important topic - awareness. It's not just that children are often not aware of risks, we have to face the same problems in companies with unaware employess. Unless they are not trained to focus on specific types of risk, they would never think that actions they carry out could be a security risk for the company.  The solution is simple, talk to the people and talk to your children and explain it to them, they will understand as long as they care about their place of living and working.