Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Unattended Cars - Part 2

The unattended cars series goes into round two. Thanks to Flo, who has sent in some pictures he had taken from an unattended car in Austria. Obviously, the owner doesn't really care about the security of his transport vehicle. The rear door isn't really closed, allowing attackers easy entry into the car.

A clever attacker wouldn't start opening the car right away, without investigating further, thus finding out that it isn't locked at all.
The obvious problem in this situation is of course the unlocked car or poorly closed door. However, a much greater problem can cause the free accessable contents of this car. People tend to have keys in their cars, f.e. to the garage. Sometimes there are USB sticks for the radio that have also data from their work stored on it. Or, more simple, an attacker can find old invoices that he can use for social engineering attacks. From a corporate espionage point of view, it's an invitation to install bugging devices to gather information.

I think, the main problem here is, that just a few minutes of unthoughtfulness can have long-term affects on the security of a whole company or household. So, when you leave your car open and unattended, be aware of the possible outcomes. Especially for all private people, who are reading this blog, don't be paranoid, just be aware. :)

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