Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sometimes the easiest way in is through the front door

Thank you very much to Sup for sharing his experiences he made in a chemical company. It's a very great example of how companies should NOT design their entrance areas.

Unbelievable, but true: This chemical company has a non-locked entrance door. The anteroom is neither staffed nor camera monitored. There is a plate with the information that this would be the status quo for the next few weeks. Nothing easier than that for visitors - they can issue an identity (visitor) card (!!!) themselves. All that you need is directly placed on the desk (even blank cards to fill in). After that you can try to open the next (main) door by lockpicking (I guess it is not so easy to use the given electronic possibility) or you'll wait until the next friendly person gets out of the main building and holds the door open for you.
BTW: You'll find all telephone numbers of all staff members ready for the next social engineering attack right next to the blank ID-cards. And, something positive, the telephone was not free for numbers outside the company.

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