Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Unattended cars

It seems our unattended category is growing. Thanks to Flo who sent in some pictures he had taken from a private parking space owned by the company 'Lidl' in Austria. He was driving past this building, as he recognized, that no one was here to look after the car, the goods inside and the open entry to the building. So he stopped and took some photos for us, showing that having no policies concerning leaving cars without locking them in place can lead to secrity risks.

In this first picture you can see the parking lot and the opened car and building.
Of course, there is a sign saying something like "Entering this site is prohibited!" ...
... but would an attacker care?
Flo, who took the pictures, didn't enter the area more than this, but I think the picture makes it clear that an attacker could easily get access to the car, the goods or the building. This are just some ideas to get you to think. Some might say "There could be people inside and no goods in the car at all - so this is not a risk".

What if the driver of the car or the driver of the forklift left his buch of keys in the vehicle? Perhaps there are also some keys not only for the vehicle, but for some doors to the company? An attacker would just need a few seconds to a few minutes to grab some good impressions of all keys and leave without any notice to make his own access keys to the company at home. 

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  1. That is just shocking. I can hardly believe that the closest thing to security the place has is a mere sign.