Thursday, June 2, 2011

Insecure Key Switch and Full Mailbox

Being very active we got another hint from Flo, who shot the following two pictures during a physical assessment. He posted those pictures on his own blog, so we will just keep his text and pictures in original and wanna refer to his own blog entry at this point. Thanks for your contribution to the project, Flo. 

Easy access to your mailbox
This image has been taken while performing a physical security assessment and shows the vulnerability of a stuffed mailbox. This mailbox has not been emptied in a while and can easily be accessed by outsiders. It was not even necessary to pick locks.
Insecure key switch
The following image displays an insecure key switch. This switch in particular controls the access to a company building. Although an attacker might try to break the lock, a screwdriver is everything one would need to gain entry.

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