Sunday, March 20, 2011

Security functions suggested to be turned off by default - guess why provides a service that enables you to upload your presentations and share it with the public. Just like at YouTube or vimeo you cannot only watch the shared content directly at the website, but you can also use an "embed"-feature and incorporate presentation contents into your own web presence.

For each presentation slideshare offers a convenient HTML-code snippet that is ready to copy&paste it into your site. Here a shortened example:

As you can see, the embedded code loads a flash player that in turn shows the desired presentation contents. By default, the privileges of a flash file are restricted if it is loaded from a different domain than the surrounding web site. That means that the flash file cannot access the DOM of the site, nor make JavaScript calls or similar things.

However, the code snippet above loads with the "allowScriptAccess=always" parameter. That means that these security functions are actively turned off: the embedded content has full access to and control over the the embedding site. Altering the DOM or stealing cookies are just two possible scenarios.

Here what slideshare does with its - through the suggested embed code quasi self-given - privileges: it actively integrates "web analytics functions" (other people would call this "user tracking") into the embedding web site. Just take the HTML snippet shown above and integrate it into an otherwise completely empty web page. Here is what you will end up with:

The HTML view shows that you unknowingly just integrated "analytics functions" from Google Analytics and Scorecardresearch. Central tracking of which IP adress accessed which contents at what time made easy. Given that you have absolutely no control over what these scripts do with your site, nor what information they collect about your users, you may have a problem if your site is located in a German-speaking area. Whether the use of Google Analytics is legal here is still a source of controversal discussions.

If you decide to use the default flash security mechanisms ("allowScriptAccess=samedomain") the shown scripts disappear, as the slideshare content is not allowed to alter the page - just give it a try yourself.

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