Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And what are you doing during your working time?

Flo did another trip around Europe and brought sent some pictures to, thanks for that. This time, we clearly see that he was passing by one of the IBM offices. To be more specific, this shot was taken in one of the branches of IBM in London.

The more interesting part of this story is that he got a very good view into the offices and could directly see the computer screens of the employees. Besides the fact, that it might be interesting for someone to see if the employees are productive - and they really are according to those pictures - this shows a tremendous security risk.

From this very public place you can easily spy on the company's data, you could have a look at interesting project files lying on desks or you might get the chance to observe someone typing in a password or important information. 

Some companies might not think about the risk of someone external walking through the company's premises looking for important data on tables or the computer screen. However, not caring about the fact you can easily get an insight into a company from a public place where you can sit down and take photographs all the time, is a different level of risk. IBM should probably rethink their office design.

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