Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ever thought about asking for the master key?

Sebastian Klipper, Senior Information Security Consultant, recently wrote on his blog Klipper on Security about an incident he experienced in a hotel. It is quite usual to have safes in hotel rooms to store important documents. It might also be obvious that lots of these safes have master key combinations to open them in case of emergency. But, he was quite surprised as he noticed how easy it was to get the master key and that it was only 3 digits long.

One day when he wanted to open the safe with his 4 digits code, it just responded with the message "BATTERY ERROR!". Hence, he made is way down to the reception, asking for help. The friendly receptionist went upstairs with him to have a look at the safe. After demonstrating the problem, the receptionist positioned right in front of the safe started entering a code and said: 

"Enter, 0, 0, 2, Enter, Enter."

Open! That's it and after the receptionist left, Sebastian Klipper knew the master code. Sometimes the easiest way to circumvent the security system is, ask friendly for help.

Thanks very much to Sebastian Klipper who gave us the rights to publish his story with his pictures on SecurityPitfalls.

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