Friday, October 9, 2009

Unattended Working Places - Part 1

Our unattended series goes on and this time we discovered an unattended working place at the airport in Munich. At first, I was not really shure what was going on, should have people really left the place unattended or was she just around the corner?

But, indeed, after 5 minutes of waiting, no one was showing up and the blue sign on the desk saying "Be right back." seemed to be there for a reason. I took a second, closer picture of the working place, noticing that all the screens were not locked and paper sheets were lying on the desk. 

Apart from the possibility that an attacker could exploit this situation to try to get access to the systems, it may have been enough for an attacker to study all the information presented to him by the paper sheets and the computer screens.

Therefore, companies should raise awareness for such problems and insist their employees to always lock the computer desktops when leaving the working place and to hide important working papers when there's the possibility that attackers could get advantage by reading them.

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